As a parent of students who have taken lessons from various teachers for various disciplines (wind & string instruments, piano, ballet...etc.) over many years, I can honestly say Kathy is the most exceptional instructor I have ever come across. She has taught seven of our children violin, viola and cello over eleven years and I have watched as she has adapted her teaching to each one's personality and learning. She has amazed me how she gets right to the heart of each child and knows how to relate to them making each new concept or new technique understandable and fun - I will hear them laughing together and yet working diligently through their music. They all look forward to lessons with her and love her. Kathy makes incredible progress with her students, from the very first year they reach goals of playing beautiful music confidently and she always provides and encourages opportunities for performance. She has always encouraged our children to play all together and has helped in training them to play as a family ensemble besides working with them to play in her own orchestra. Both she and Glee are amazing orchestra instructors/conductors, and with their encouragement and exceptional patient instruction produce a professional sound with their orchestras for both young and older students that is truly enjoyable and beautiful to hear.

    I just can't say enough about Kathy or Glee, they are loved by our family, and have selflessly just poured their talents into our children.
​Our children have played publicly together now for years and the youngest ones have always been able to join in quite quickly because of the wonderful instruction they have received so early in their training. Kathy and Glee are a rare find, and I know people that have traveled across states to have them teach their children. They are both extremely talented and are kind, caring, fun, inspiring and enthusiastic, I would say: Exceptional!!

Ellen P. Sikora
Homeschooling mother