"I took violin lessons from Kathy as a young teen until we were separated by distance. She made learning easy and fun, and planted a love of music in me that has never faded.  What I learned from her in that short timeframe afforded me multiple opportunities to perform with small ensembles and larger orchestras. These experiences led me to meet many incredible people and make lasting friendships.

Kathy also had a wonderful way of interspersing life's wisdom with technical violin skills.  Topics would range from advice on being confident in who you are as a person to tips for handling stage fright. Imagine my surprise - and relief - when, almost 10 years later, her words and her voice came to me as I stepped onto a platform to give an important presentation to a large group of my peers and instructors in graduate school.

Now that I am a mother, I can better appreciate the full benefit of providing children with a musical education. I want my son to have a similar connection to music as I do, and identify with more than just the latest fad that blares on the radio. I see involvement in musical groups as a wonderful way to practice teamwork and make invaluable friendships. And, if you are lucky enough to have a teacher like Kathy, it may give you just the confidence boost you need to accomplish your goals.

Thank you for sharing your guidance, friendship, and amazing talent for teaching, Kathy! Now, if only I could figure out a way to clone you..."

-Erin W.
Speech Language Pathologist
(and Mama to a future violinist!)