Useful Practice Tips 

​​​1. At the end of each lesson, a make out a Lesson Sheet for each student. Please make sure your children follow that sheet carefully. Students should be using the right section of the sheet to check off each item listed on the left.

2. Make sure your children's music folder/books are in a consistent spot in your home. Valuable time can be wasted each day looking for lost music and practice sheets. Children cannot practice correctly if they are missing these items.

3. Set a time each day for practice. These practice sessions can be broken up during the day. For some families schedules, practicing early in the morning before school works well. That is what we did in our home. The practicing was done at the beginning of the day when our children were fresh and alert.

4. Practice session must be focused and detailed, not just goofing off and accomplishing little.

5. Reward your children for good practice sessions, be creative.

6. Work before Play... practice sessions usually always work better when done in this manor. Being able to have fun is a true motivation after a great practice session.

7. Let your children know when they sound good while they practice. Be gentle when you think something doesn't sound quite right. Suggest to them you would like to hear that part of the song again. If it doesn't sound right to you, most likely it isn't.

8. Please be sure your children have ALL of their music books, folder and instruments before head out the door for school on these days.
There are many good resources online in helping your children have a positive practice experience. Click on the following links below for more useful tips!​​​​
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