About year ago, our family relocated to the NEK. My son and I were desperately searching for a violin teacher. Just when we thought we wouldn’t find someone in this remote area of Vermont, we found Kathy. From the moment we stepped into her warm and welcoming home and met her for the first time, we knew we had found a superb teacher. Both my son and I have been taking violin lessons from Kathy for about a year. This past year has been an amazing experience for both of us. Kathy’s passion for music is contagious. Her teaching style is filled with encouragement, patience, flexibility, positive reinforcement, vision, humor, and kindness.   She is very perceptive and aware of all of her student’s strengths, weaknesses, and challenges and because of this tunes in to what is most important for each individual student. As a beginning adult student, I have found violin to be quite challenging. Kathy has been incredibly patient and has continued to encourage me not to give up.   I have had some specific challenges related to my bow hold  (I am left handed) as well as finding the “right” chin rest that is comfortable for me. Kathy was determined to find a chin rest that fit my specific anatomy and spent some of her own time helping me find just the right one. She has also worked tirelessly trying different techniques and exercises to help me develop my bow hold. Kathy does not settle for anything in violin to be just “good enough.” It is extremely important to her that her students learn the correct techniques of violin playing to develop a strong foundation from the start. As a new student, I appreciate that trait in a teacher and I am thankful knowing that the time I am committing to learning violin is time well spent with a teacher who believes in teaching her students accurate technique from the very beginning.
    Kathy also has a unique talent for using analogies and imagery while teaching violin, which helps to translate what she is trying to convey to her students. The results of this teaching technique are amazing. My son has blossomed over the past year and I have been truly amazed at how far he has come in such a short time. Kathy has a way of motivating her students to do the very best they can and fosters a relationship of trust and mutual admiration.  My son has been extremely motivated and driven when it comes to playing his violin and I owe all of that to Kathy. She has helped him develop a talent that he is very proud of. When Kathy speaks of the rewards of bringing music into your life, you can see that she truly believes that “the sky is the limit.” My son has adopted this same belief when it comes to his violin. He is always looking for the next challenging piece or the next challenging technique he can learn. He looks forward to his lesson every week. I am so happy to see him so passionate about music. It takes a special teacher to bring that out in her students and Kathy is that kind of “special teacher.” We are so blessed to have found her and look forward to continuing to learn from one of the “BEST.”

Jessica Trevits
Student and Parent​​​