‚ÄčOur three sons have been taking music instruction from Glee and Kathy Charlestream for the past two and a half years. It has been truly a joy and a blessing to have both of them teaching our children. They are both extremely gifted in their ability to teach and engage children. But beyond this what has made them exceptional in their success as teachers is the way in which they sincerely love and care about each student they teach. They have won the hearts and the great admiration and respect of all three of our boys as well as the passionate desire to want to excel at their instruments and the pieces they are working on. They both possess the unique and rare quality of being able to stretch and challenge the children while at the same time making the lesson time fun and so enjoyable. Our boys love to have fun with them but just as much desire to get down to business and work hard as Glee and Kathy have been so effective at stimulating their desire to learn. 

I could not be more thankful for the blessing that Glee and Kathy have been to our family! It is with great enthusiasm and sincerity that I recommend them!

Sarah Hopkins