Lessons for violin, viola, and cello will be available after school to all students in grades K-12. The program includes:
1) 1 Hour Suzuki group classes for beginning violin students.
2) Private lessons of 30 min. or 1 hour.
3) Ensembles for beginners, intermediate and advanced players.

A private lesson along with a group class is recommended for a more increased individual growth with the instrument, but not required with a group lesson.


 Violin Suzuki group classes are $15 for 1 hour of training with up to 10 students per group.

1/2 hour private lesson:$20
1    hour private lesson:$40

The payment for these classes is paid to the teachers directly.

1) Payment by semester: ( First Semester) 12 classes:  $165 ($15 discount)
2) Payment by the month: ( Oct. $75, Nov. $60, Dec.$45)
3) Payment per lesson: $15

Please Note: There is a discount of $5.00 off each lesson when a family of two or more enroll into the string program.​​

1) Payment by the month
2) Payment per lesson

 $5.OO, each rehearsal

PERFORMANCE ENSEMBLES: ( students need to be reading at a certain level to enter into an ensemble, as a student advances with his or her instrument the teacher will encourage a student to enter into an ensemble experience. This is not for a beginning student.)
Students are required to audition for each level. Times for rehearsals will be announced.


Violin, viola, and cello rental is available at Vermont Violins in Montpelier Vermont.
A Vermont Violin's representative will be present during our Open House. You may have your child fitted for an instrument then, or feel free to set up an appointment with them for a fitting either that night or prior to the Open House. Their phone number is: 802-229-4503.They also would like to encourage you to go on their web site:www.vermontviolins.com for more details of all the rental options available. You may also order your instrument online prior to the Open House, enabling you to pick up your child's instrument that night.

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