I started taking violin lessons with Glee last summer. I have been playing violin for only five years and as an older student, Glee is wonderfully supportive yet at the same time expects a high level of commitment to work hard. I feel I have progressed in my technique more in the last year than in the previous four years.

Glee is not only knowledgeable about music & stringed instruments, but also has great instincts about how to get the best out of each student. His positive attitude makes hard work enjoyable even if it is repeating the same four notes over and over until both technique and intonation are perfect.

I recommend Glee highly to a person of any age. Through his enthusiasm and warmth, he makes the process of learning a stringed instrument, which is a challenge in of itself, a positive experience. As a teacher I appreciate this gift.

                  Carinthia Grayson
                  Middle School Teacher, Coventry Village School