Our daughter has been a member of the Vermont Sacred Youth Chorus for over a year now. It has been a wonderful and rewarding experience for Madison. She has learned so much from the director, Glee Charlestream and has progressed very far with her singing ability.  Glee has a unique talent that is only appreciated by listening to the music he is able to create.  He also has a warm and friendly personality that endears the children to him.

    Our daughter loves being a part of the choir and always looks forward to the different activities Glee arranges for the choir. He creates gatherings that allow the children to become a cohesive group,  enabling them to become friends and work as a team on their music.

    My husband and I never miss the opportunity to experience their performances and are eagerly awaiting the production of their first CD.  

   We recommend Glee Charlestream as an outstanding mentor, teacher and musician. 

​Aimee Reynolds, RN.
Central Vermont Home and Health and Hospice
Berlin, VT